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Earthing / RDSO Approved

Railway Earthing RDSO Approved In India

Railway Earthing RDSO Approved

Railway Earthing RDSO Approved in Delhi

Earthing RDSO Approved In India

Genius Protection System Private Limited Our product range includes a wide range of Railway Earthing RDSO Approved, RDSO Copper Bonded Steel Electrodes, Copper Bonded Steel Electrode, RDSO/SPN/197/2008 Maintenance Free Earth, RDSO/PE/SPEC/PS/0109-2008 Earth Electrode and RITES Inspection RDSO Approved Earthing.

Length of the electrode may be increased in multiple of 1 meter to reduce earth resistance if required. Our product range includes a wide range of RDSO/PE/SPEC/PS/0109-2008 Earth Electrode, Railway Earthing RDSO Approved, RDSO/SPN/197/2008 Maintenance Free Earth and RDSO Approved Maintenance Free Earthing.

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his type of earthing and bonding system is adopted for S&T equipments with solid state components which are more susceptible to damage due to surges, transients and overvoltages being encountered in the system due to lightning, sub-station switching etc. these equipments include Electronic Interlocking, Integrated Power Supply equipment, Digital Axle Counter, Data Logger etc.

This type of earthing arrangement requires no maintenance so called as “Maintenance free earthing or “Effective Earthing”. Effective earthing electrode eliminates problems of conventional earthing:

1. By providing highly corrosion resistant Earthing Electrode.

2. By eliminating the corrosion causing elements in the salt.

3. By providing uniform non corrosive, low soil resistivity material around the electrode.

1.1 Importance of Earthing

1. Efficiently dissipate electric surge to protect equipments thus minimize downtime, service interruption & replacement cost.

2. Provide a stable reference for electrical and RF circuits to minimize noise during normal operation

3. Protect staff from dangerous electric shock.

1.2 Characteristics of good Earthing System

1. Low resistance and electrical impedance

2. Conductors of sufficient dimensions capable of withstanding high fault current.

3. Lower earth resistance ensures that energy is dissipated into the ground in the safest possible manner

1.3 Location for earth

1. Low lying areas close to building or equipment

2. Close to existing water points but not naturally well drained

3. Avoid Dry sand, lime stone, granite, stony ground and high bank.

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